Native American Church Ceremony and workshop

For the first time in Croatia a Native American Medicine Man
Michael Running Shield from Oglala Lakota tradition who will share with us sacred knowledge of his people in

April 13th  Four Tobacco Ceremony with Inipi sweatlodge near Zagreb

 April 15th Workshop: Traditional instruments and jewelry beadwork in Zagreb

Michael Running Shield

is an Oglala Lakota from Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. He grew up in the Native American Church. His Father is a Road-man Minister in the church and his Mother is a Water-woman. He learned a lot from his Grandfather  NAC High Priest Emerson Spider Sr. who past away in 2004 and his Grandma who was also a water-woman.

He has been with the medicine for 20 years, since his first meeting in 1999. 
Humble and genuine, he dedicated his life to preserving the tradition of his people through medicine work and art of traditional jewelry and instruments.