Sacred Fire of Itzachilatlan ceremony

Dario Hampi Pakari is a Medicine Man from the family Sacred Fire of Itzachilatlan. Pipe keeper, Sundancer, Vision Quester and also a trained psychologist.
He has been walking the Red Road for a long time, working closely with Taita Santiago Andrade Leon, committed to bringing traditional ways of healing to people in Europe.

We invite you to join us in this special ceremony of cleansing & healing, opening paths to reconnect with Yourself and the Universe. 

The ceremony will be led by Dario Hampi Pakari,  a Medicine Man from the family Sacred Fire of Itzachilatlan, a community of traditional healers, committed to protect and present ancient healing practices in a respectful and genuine way. 

In this tradition, in this ceremony, we pray sharing the Sacred Tobacco and the medicine plants from the Andes. During the night, accompanied by singing and drumming with traditional instruments, we (re)connect to Mother Earth, Father Sky, four elements and seven sacred directions. We call upon our ancestors and ancient spirits to help us raise the prayer for ourselves, our families and humanity. Recognizing sacred memory and the Great Mystery opening our hearts we celebrate life, heal our paths and plant our dreams.

These are the times many native nations have prophesied as a turning point in history, where all the indigenous people will come together and share their knowledge and ancient ways with their white younger brothers to join all hands in restoring the balance on Mother Earth.

If you feel the calling, you are welcome to join us on this healing journey.
For more information and registration please contact:

Mitakuye Oyasin
For All Our Relations

Sacred Fire of Itzachilatlan

"This is how we want to live our lives, with the power to dream our dreams in the same direction of the Dreams of Creation." Tekpankalli


About our Family, our Altar and Ceremonies

This Medicine Ceremony is with the purpose of healing and cleaning. We sing and pray to call our memory and the spirit of our ancestral path. We enter the time and space of our Grandfather Medicine and recognize the alliance between the sky and the Earth, our mother and our father, our heart and the vibration of life.

We honor the origin of life, saying thanks to the Four Spirits, Sacred Guardians of life, of this moment, of all our existence; we sing to remember, cleaning the way for spirits to come and help, planting dreams and visions for the continuity of life, invoking the vibration of Truth and peace in our hearts as it was of our origin.

This is our tradition, the path of knowledge, the dreams of our grandfathers. In the ceremony, we ask for help to the medicine, we throw an arrow to the universe, a prayer from our hearts that will expand everywhere, calling the memory of the sons and daughters of this time, our time.

We sing the echoes of balance, the melody of the layers of our heart that awake with the medicine, the sound of our bones, the story of our time. This same vibration of the tongues of our Grandfather fire, of the water that flows and shapes life; singing we clean the past and plant our future, being grateful for the present, for the moment, for the rhythm, the pause, the heartbeat of this mystery that is life.

This is the red road of our heart, sacred blood of light shining with the knowledge of our medicines to walk with intelligence in beauty and peace as a family.

This is the same fire of eternity, the fire up in the sun and deep in the heart of our mother darkness, the same fire in the homes of our grandfathers and the heart of the stars in the galaxy, the fire inside our mountains, living in peace inside the stones and out in space. This is the dance of our ancestors vibrating in the stars, celebrating their dream in the reflection of this fire, in the heart of the morning star where we look forward beyond  the horizon to take the strength and be grateful for who we all are. 

This is our dream, the half-moon, the fire, our mother and father, creation and creators. The vibration inside, the 7 arrows in our hearts, this memory of the first heartbeat, of light in darkness and darkness holding light, freedom and truth; this the Tree of Life, the veins inside our bodies, the branches of the universe in our own blood. We walk the red road to acknowledge the blue time of our life in the spirit.

Our medicine is the center of our Altar and the connection between time and spirit, between the red and the blue of our half-moon; it is where we meet as sons of this age integrating all wisdom; this heart of our medicine is the eye of space, center of our vision, where our ancestors have always waited for our families to cross worlds. Our medicine calls for unity and we pray to be people that eat medicine and are medicine for the family.

The water of life, the spirit of love, the blessing of light. The second Tobacco in our ceremonies is for us to pray to the Spirit of life, to the spirit that once joined us in the womb of our mother. This family elevates and honors the word that creates, the word that comes from the heart of our medicine people and that has the power to expand, to be a relief and to give understandings, visions of clarity and beauty. We are the prayer through the Spirit of creation and we receive the blessing of the water as we say thank you for our life through her eyes in our spirit.

It is our first medicine, the water of all generations, medicine of our medicine, the spirit that will clear all and give us the strength to continue, to keep flowing and moving always.

We are calling to the four winds of this universe, to the spirits of the four directions to come as our family and join us in this time of ceremony. This is an arrow, a calling to gather as family with our Grandfather Awacolla, Abuelo San Pedro, the medicine of the Andes, the cactus that grows in the mountains, the memory of the thunder, of the rain spirits that plant the blessings. This our Medicine of the Curaka, the Healer, the Spirit that shines in the morning, the fire of the morning star in the strength of our people.

This Fire is the heart of all relations, of all alliances and agreements. In this way we say thank you to the Great Spirit, the Spirit of Mystery. This is how our elders spoke, how is written in all the stars, in the memory of the cloud people that paint our history.